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Bb The trick is to learn some of Charlie Parker’s improvisational lines, and if you can get to it use them while soloing over the billies bounce bb pdf Billie’s Bounce Lead Sheet. The billies bounce bb pdf head and first 12 bars of Charlie Parkers solo for Billies Bounce. Blues make up the largest portion df this book.

Am, Gm billies bounce bb pdf arpeggios and dorian scales and B diminished 7 arpeggios and scales. PDF Bb free download ly/2N0xDzT Backing tracks - Play-along (Bb key score trumpet/tenor sax/clarinet) A Night in Tunisia Billie&39;s Bounce, Eb chart C. ) solo on Billies Bounce. Title: GRAMMY Camp - Jazz Session Requirements. Instrumental Solo in D Major. Also notice that in measure 4, measure 8, billies bounce bb pdf and measure 12, we have different billies bounce bb pdf billies bounce bb pdf 2 5 1 progressions, and in billies bounce bb pdf billies bounce bb pdf particular I would like to billies bounce bb pdf point your attention to measure 8. Again, on its way to the tonic inversion.

"Billie&39;s Bounce" (also billies bounce bb pdf known as "Bill&39;s Bounce") is a jazz composition written in 1945 by Charlie Parker in the form of a 12 bar F blues. Take a slow blues solo in F and play it with one of the records in the series that has a slow F blues, then move to a record that has a billies bounce bb pdf faster Fblues. Billies Bounce (E flat) —saz-öS SIDE 1, TRACK 1 Billie&39;s Bounce by CHARLIE PARKER (Also known as BILL&39;S BOUNCE. jpg Author: The Iz! mutnansky Created Date: 2:18:04 PM.

Print and download Billie&39;s Bounce sheet music by Charlie billies bounce bb pdf Parker arranged billies bounce bb pdf for Tenor Saxophone. I view transcription of jazz solos to be an essential part of learning how to improvise. Title: NowTim/Bilie. Title: Microsoft Word - SJW_audition_requirements. ~ Bb7 A- IIJ D7 G7 G- C7 2 l~jr~ F J E16 A7 D- G7 C-It! Download the Complete Bundle in PDF Buy 3 books for the price of 2 Concert, Bb & Eb instruments NOW ON SALE .

Billie&39;s Bounce Charlie Parker. develops a vocabulary billies for use during your own improvisations. Charlie Parker Reboppers Miles Davis (tp) Charlie Parker (as) Dizzy Gillespie (p) Curly Russell (b) Max Roach (ds) 26. 4 4 ’ ’ ’ ’ G7 C7 billies G7 5 ’ ’ ’ ’ C7 Cdim7 G7 Bm7 E7 9 ’ ’ ’ ’ Am7 D7 G7 E7 Am7 D7 Billie&39;s Bounce Charlie Parker © by www.

Parker D 7 G billies 7 D 7 A-7 D 7 5 G 7 G 7 D 7 F - 7 B 9 7 E-7 A 7 D 7 B 7 1. G7 Chet Baker 3 C7 G7. Fly me to the moon Bb 10.

“Billie’s Bounce” is a 12 bar F blues written by Charlie “Bird” billies bounce bb pdf Parker. This bundle includes F, Bb, D and C dominant chords, arpeggios and mixolydian scales in all positions up the neck. Bill Bailey 79 Standard BbBill Bailey 100 Dixieland FBillie’s Bounce 6 Blues FBilly Boy 80 Swing CBird Blues 2 Blues FBird Gets The Worm bounce 69 Latin AbBirdlike 60 Blues FBirthplace billies Blues 70 Blues Bb. Charlie Parker: Billie&39;s Bounce (COMPLETE) for jazz band, intermediate sheet music. Now’s the time/Billie’s Bounce Bb pdf free download – play along. Honeysuckle Rose 14. To be "in billies bounce bb pdf key," a Bb instrumentalist would have to mentally transpose a "concert" chart up a whole tone (not a half).

Parker G 7 C 7 G 7 D-7 G billies bounce bb pdf 7 5 C 7 C 7 G 7 billies bounce bb pdf B-7 E 7 A-10 D billies bounce bb pdf 7 7 G 7 E 7 1. Nows the time Bb pdf free. · billies-bounce-andreas-oberg.

Blue Monk Bb pdf free download Blue Monk – Play Along – Backing Track (Bb realbook) Night and Day (Bb. Chords in the key of F (same as Dm): Imaj7 IIm7 IIIm7 IVmaj7 V7 VIm7 VIIm7b5 Fmaj7 Gm7 Am7 Bbmaj7 C7 Dm7 Em7b5. It was dedicated to Billy Shaw&39;s admin Billie citation needed. Now’s the time/Billie’s Bounce Bb pdf free download – play along Scritto il Febbr Febbr. The original recording by Charlie Parker and His Re-Boppers was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in.

Learning the language of jazz greats such as Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Phil Woods, etc. How do you play F blues? com solo starts on 5th bar of Blues Bb & 33 ‰J. All content on this page is the property of the copyright owner of the original composition.

com 4444 g7 c7 g7 d€7 g7 37 41 c7 g7 b€7 e7 a€7 d7 g7 a€7 dg7 c7 g7 d€7 g7 53 c7 c7 g7 b€7 e7 a€7 d7 g7 a€7 d. Billie&39;s Bounce, Bb chart C. F7 alW "~&39;t~&39;ff~ Bb7 A-r;: G-. nœœœœ‰JœœŒ‰Jœ G7. Licensed to Virtual Sheet Music® by Hal Leonard® publishing company. Click here to learn the blues in all 12 keys: Blues in All 12 Keys. Billies Bounce Bb 6.

Be sure to check out that recording and the rest of the album! It is fun to work towards play­ ing the solos with billies bounce bb pdf Bird along with the actual Parker recorded version. Billie&39;s Bounce SIDE 1, TRACK 1 by CHARLIE PARKER Dedicated to Billy Shaw) Created Date: 4:36:13 PM.

Billie&39;s Bounce By Charlie Parker. As an example of somebody with good phrasing here is 4 bars from a George Benson solo. Print and download Billie&39;s Bounce sheet music by Charlie Parker arranged for Piano. Billie’s Bounce – Charlie Parker Eb. Click here to learn the blues in all 12 keys: Blues in All 12 Keys Videos to learn the melody/changes. Instrumental Solo, and Piano/Chords in billies bounce bb pdf F Major. Created Date: 8:52:49 PM. Scritto il Febbr Febbr.

· Billie’s Bounce is one of my personal favorite jazz standards to play. Written by Charlie Parker, it’s the perfect combination between bebop and blues. F7 B 7 B 7 B F7 Gm7 C7 F7 C7 F7 B 7 B F7 B 7 F7 Am7 D7 9 Gm7 C7 F7 D7 9 Gm7 C7 A o Billie&39;s Bounce o 1 Now&39;s The Time Charlie Parker Charlie Parker. Created Date: 9:33:32 PM. Billie&39;s Bounce Bb on the Chet Baker Pacific recording Out of Nowhere - Live Vol. billies bounce bb pdf Billies Bounce (Standard F Jazz Blues) This song is in the key of F (same as Dm) and is in 4/4 (four beats to the bar). All tunes are presented with parts for Bb, Eb, C and bass.

All billies transcriptions pdf PDF made in the 6 last months pdf are only available for download to my ‘Patreon’ subscribers. Created Date: 6:38:55 PM. œœœœœœœœœ G7 œœœ‰œœj C7 œ‰œjœœœœ G7 billies bounce bb pdf œœ 3 œnœœœœœœœ & 5 Œ‰ J œœœ‰ J bœ C7 ‰œ. Scrapple from the. Solos are transposed for convenience for C, Bb, and Eb instruments.

To really get into the essence of George Benson’s playing style, listen to as much of his playing as possible. It is important to know the blues in all 12 keys. billies bounce bb pdf The excerpt starts on the II V to Gm7, which in Billie’s bounce is Am7 D7(b9). Consider subscribing to my ‘Patreon’ page to gain free access to all new transcriptions and Patron’s exclusive content for a modest contribution! Bass clef melody is provided and where appropriate there are separate piano parts.

Who billies bounce bb pdf wrote Billie&39;s bounce? bb C Jam Blues & Sonnymoon Bb 2. Rhythm changes come next. Billie’s Bounce – Charlie bounce Parker C Billie’s Bounce – Charlie Parker Bb. MUS Author: Big P Created Date: 7:29:23 PM. Seamus Blake Billie&39;s Bounce Solo From "Sax Summit" CBC Label Transcribed By Steve Neff ©www.

E-Created Date: 9:32:11 PM. How many keys are in Billie&39;s bounce? These 4 bars are an excerpt billies from his (really fantastic!

In the Billie&39;s Bounce Progression we moved to the passing diminished seventh chord in measure 6. t~"1~--rt¥tl C- C- F7 Bb Bb. What is billies bounce bb pdf Billie&39;s bounce? Includes an High-Quality billies bounce bb pdf PDF file to download instantly. I transcribed it and will go over where the accents are. Billies Bounce Guitar Tab by George Benson with free online tab player. Confirmation 1 ByJCharlie Parker VERVE 8005 = 208 (4-bar Intra) ~"&39;~N~ I.

A wonderful example of his jazz blues style playing is a famous recording from his 1968 album Giblet Gravy entitled Billies Bounce (a tune billies bounce bb pdf originally by Charlie Parker). pdf Author: julie. Chord Charts “Billie’s Bounce” is a 12 bar F blues written by Charlie “Bird” Parker. This billies bounce bb pdf is a great example of Bird’s bebop style written over a blues. WOR Studios, Broadway, NYC,.

com: The bb premier site for the history and analysis of the standards jazz musicians play the most.

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